As a therapist, I always viewed ASD as a different way of being. Not something to fix or be afraid of but rather something to embrace.

Children with Autism have come forward as great teachers. They teach unconditional love, honesty and truth. Although they may not always use their words, they do come with a message. We honor them by taking the time to listen and create integration in our communities. It's a birthright to belong.

At Miss Mancy Inc,, our team has been providing OT services to children with Autism and supporting families in their journey. However, many of our children are entering teenage years and aging out of pediatric services. There are VERY LIMITED opportunities past this point.

As an advocate for ASD it is time for me to help create these opportunities for our children. Beyond ASD was founded as a lifelong mission to honor Autism for its gifts and open people's eyes to see from the heart. I am confident that we can and will create communities that provide opportunities to anyone with different abilities.

Nancy Amar