Employment opportunities

Young adults employed by Beyond ASD assemble kits to be utilized by children who are working on fine motor skills. Through the guidance of an Occupational Therapist, they learn employable skills, practice the social pragmatics of a work environment and more importantly, they experience BELONGING.

We begin with the assembly of kits however with time, employment opportunities with other aspects of the business will become available.

Internship opportunities

While some young adults will have the opportunity to become employed by Beyond ASD Inc, Others will help assemble kits and perform office tasks as part of an INTERNSHIP PROGRAM.

The goal of an internship is to help students build skills for the workplace. We will then assist them to find work placement in the community. Beyond ASD will also provide a coach to help bridge the skills learned during the internship in the actual working environment. Coaching will be provided to both the student and employers in order to maximize the success of their new hire.